Monday, August 12, 2019

Dear Vincent...

Was reading some Van Gogh quotes today.....I think in my youth I'd watched documentaries about his letters to Theo etc...but you know being young you have this optimism and think your struggle won't be his.

but I think now after all this time spent trying to draw most of the quotes are uncanny....and I'm sure that every artist I know would relate as well
In a way I think his thoughts are more valuable than his paintings...
But I was thinking once again of all the opportunities I'd stuffed up, missing life's train and wondering "what now"/ a bit.
Nothing left Vincent but to try and find what you love and do it with love..and hopefully its done well.

Anyway...across the void of time and space I 'dips me lid'

On a completely unrelated note I have no idea why Russia is leading the hits on this forgotten corner of the internet.

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