Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Test subjects

Well a month ago I was talking about gettting zbrush done-ended up trying to finish stuff for a game, and not getting much done on zbrush front in terms of new things.
I guess in  the process I'm starting to learn more about unity which was one of the objectives this year.
But I did snap and decide to try printing some of the first things I did via shapeways....and I think I have the 3d print fever- like mulga bill and his bicycle I suppose.

I think when I did the dinosaur - (only a week or so in that first learning phase) I was worried I didn't take it further than the first and second levels of detail/forms- but then at this print size you don't need more. Sort of feel good that i did such a nice job on the dino when I knew so little about zbrush.
Don't know heaps more about zbrush now  since almost all the intervening time spent doing books.
But I feel encouraged by the printouts.

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