Monday, June 23, 2014

3d print or bust

In this case busted 3d prints  :( 
had to blur page so you can't read my brilliant story I'm working on.  ho ho.
(Wombat is MK1- a bit too muscly on arms (too much surfing) , too small on legs and feet , a bit doughy and not quite enough booty. Expression is ok though.)
Blue thing is quick test monster- a bit starship troopers brain bug up front I realise now.

Here are two test wombats and test dino things. Shapeways sent a message about how they'd broken the blue things tentacle and the dino test things. Wasn't surprised about blue things- I had a revised model with smaller tentacles but was so sick of trying to upload the thing to their site had given up and gone with that one.
The dinos though- I have no idea how the feet could be broken like that- I mean given all the other fine detail that wasn't?
But also why do they have to come from Holland via America? 
Isn't that the long way? And from the trackng it looks like "all stops" too?
And basically get the shit kicked out of them en route? You can see from the tearing and punctures in the inner plastic wrapping that the box had been basically drop kicked.  But then I know from experience that marking a box with "Fragile" is like a red rag to bull.
Also need to have a way to make them properly hollow- they have "hollows" inside them but these are presumably filled with unbonded material that couldn't escape- so I guess unless you make them with a big external hole and a matching plug that you glue in?


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