Monday, June 23, 2014

Supanova Sydney

I'll put these here and talk about it tonight....
(day passes)
Ok So I'll talk about it this morning.
Sydney Supanova was much better for me than the Melbourne one,  not quite as good as last years though - in  horrible financial terms.
I arrived on the Thursday- and dumped all my stuff. Friday I got there sort of early- just to avoid traffic.  I think I sold about 7 books on the Friday.
Saturday and Sunday I sold way more books and a few more drawings- even a few packs of Little Mates books. Pretty much sold all the dinosaur rocks and wombat books I had.
I had a bit of Milenko Tunjics work and a poster for his game Get Fiquette also I was trying to show. I think looking at it the poster needs to be a big single image of the Fiquette character- looks a bit hard to 'read'- ah well do a new one and regroup for the next outing.
Thoughts on it all...
There were a lot of girls as poison ivy- popping up like weeds you might say. Lots of kids getting into it with their parents which was great. Also there seemed to be as many men dressed up as Sailor Moon as women?
Across the way from me way Nick Smith, and a nice cartoonist guy called Ajna from New Caledonia.
Also caught up with Paul Cageggi, and Adam and Wayne Nichols and Chenoa Fawn.
 Meant to talk to that Ajna guy but spent almost all day each day at my table so was delirious with hunger at the end of the days.
Was also visited by a few interesting games sort of people, and by Christine from Hachette.
The good thing about meeting with her, besides getting to talk to her was that I've wrangled a couple of boxes of plush wombats.

I need to get a comic done or sketchbook done, need to get new drawings done- so I'd like to spend the rest of the year working on those and my new book which I've started to make real.

Some of the drawings I did- (but not all)

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