Friday, June 21, 2013

Sydney Supanova

Poor blog has been a bit bereft of imagery lately. I had in fact scanned in a bunch of my little sketchbook/doodly drawing with thoughts of posting a few but I havent had time.
Tomorrow is Supanova.
This time I have bought a whole swag of books to sell,- in a mix up they were sent to the wrong address and I had to drive to Brisbane and back to get them on the eve before leaving for Sydney.
I was actuallly progessing pretty well  with Little Mates "Y" before I left-so I hope to have that done next week.
I had thought maybe I should have volunteered for the One Word One Day in Brisbane next week- its probably too late. I realise its for a good cause but it strikes me as odd that the ASA which purports to stand up for illustrators is asking them to pay money for the chance to  go and spend a day  working without being paid and let them sell what you produce.
 I think its the "paying them so I can do free work for them" in particular that gets me- I can't just donate my time/ work- I'd  have to pay as well... so maybe not- I think I had better  finish Little Mates

 trip down-I love all of that bit near Yamba/Grafton.
I hate that bit near/at Coffs Harbour- to the point where I'm considering going inland on the way home..
The road to Sydney south of Newcastle reminds me of the surface of the death star- its as bumpy and  is visually the same patchwork effect.

Within about 4 hours combined in Sydney I managed to spend a fortune on books.
Kinokuniya is awesome- but so densely packed with only book spines showing that I think you'd have to go there looking for something specific.
Looking at the sea of children's books they have (with none of mine on show) is probably not the best pre supanova confidence boost- kind of makes you think your book's chances of being seen are better by taking them to the beach and throwing them into the outgoing tide.
I bought a stunning book called Rainforest Country- an intimate portrait of Australia's Tropical Rainforest by Kaisa and Stanley Breeden. Such beautiful colour and natural forms-of the sort that fascinate me- just beautiful and stunning- in the "take my money" category.
I bought a moleskine sketchbook-  my first one- as previously I feared only tossers bought them to be fashionable.
When I got the plastic off, back at base, I found it had the most disgusting tactile exterior surface- I magine if you will a sweaty vinyl car seat- or a lubricated insurance salesman's handshake- this then is the moleskin cover.
I feel sure moles are not disgusting in this way if you pat them.
Today I met with and had lunch with the good people at Hachette- (they were paying so in relative terms I have hit the big time)
- I think they were in a hurry to get back to work or at least give the appearance- but I'm not sure if they realized the great personal sacrifice and restraint I showed by not asking for dessert at a"french" restaurant.
Its funny this whole appearances thing
- if only I had said "No, No.... I AM a starving artist- I AM desperate, you must all wait...and watch!....bring me the eclairs!" 
( except I guess my waistline gives a lie to the starving artist bit)
Note to self- in future order sweets first.
. It seems Wombat is doing well . So that news and the great cheer given by Hachette has buoyed me (after the downer of seeing the Game of Thrones like "Wall" of books at Kinokuniya).
When I told them I had ordered Wombat books in the hope they were the ones with the plush wombat, but had guessed from the weight of the parcels that they weren't. They said "no- they're not out til October"-(image- Lach with sad face) "But we have wombats we can give you". (happy Lach with 2 bags of wombats.)
I mostly got all my stuff to my table this afternoon- forgot the table cloths/cover- so I have to do that tomorrow morning. Also need to sort folders/fill folders too- so a bit to do yet.

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