Saturday, June 22, 2013


A few pictures from yesterday. I actually did 2 other dragony pictures- which I sold and forgot to get a photo of. I also found I had brought everything- except a rubber(eraser to any americans).
So they are drawings without rubbing out- which is hard when you are accustomed to ctrl-z.
Although the ctrl z in my case is actually because my cintiq is old and has such a rubbish response/resolution that I get bad stepping or jaggies in its interpretation of my line- so I have to try and do it again to get a clean one without artifacts. So I need the new cintiq.
yes I have done that winged skeleton guy before- but I didn't have a rubber so I thought I'd stick to easy (ugly and spiky is easy- beautiful face=hard)

From my very scientific observation it appears women like wombats, and kids like dragons.
In fact kids want a dragon book- which I don't have....yet.
I met John Cox and Che Baker- both had exciting news. Che's book is coming out shortly/nearly finished- quite an undertaking- so he must be pleased its at this point now. John had interesting dinosaur related news- fingers crossed for that.

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