Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Answer- No

Well - I didn't finish it in 5 days- but- a week later than that 5 days I am very close.
I received a letter from Hachette saying they'd reprinted 3000 more Wombat went a Walking and 8000 more Wombat goes a Racing. It seems the second book is where the first one was after a year in couple of months.
Which is good! and I suppose its why I was allowed another week for this third book.
I am very looking forward to finishing this book and pouncing on the last Little Mates books and finishing them. Very quickly.

Postscript- It was done last Friday- but had immense trouble uploading the last 2 files to their servers.
Hopefully officially done now. Haven't received any emails asking where stuff is- so that's good.

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