Sunday, June 23, 2013

Supanova-a few more drawings

Well another Supanova survived.
Once again its the people who attend and those who dress up that actually make the event- all of the exhibitors(like me) and whatever 'special guests' they have are just the sideshow- its all those crazy lovely people who get dressed up  and/or share the love.
I think they're people who are interested in alternatives- and how things could be...I hope so anyway.
Thanks be also for my fellow artists alley artists who are also clearly good people- maybe its like the secret brotherhood of "carnie folk "- anyhow  I like the way everyone looks out for everyone else amongst the artists.

So I sold a few of each of my books- if I had dug my Wombat went a racing softcovers out I might have sold more.
However many wombats I'd been given by Hachette to give away with a book- thats how many wombat books I sold because I don't have any left..

The dreadful rain I could have done without..... I could also have done without my shoes falling apart in the rain and splitting and letting in all the rain as I raced my trolley 250m to the car park and back.
Driving out of Sydney at 5 in the morning in the dreadful rain was a bit hair raising in parts too.
Once again the bit around Coffs harbour was awful on the trip back.
I stopped in at Bangalow on the way back for something to eat- there is a beautiful little art supply shop there- so if you are there look out for it.

I had a few people asking if I had an online store(!)...well not yet.. but I was planning as I said to redo my website maybe the time has come and maybe at last I have enough books etc to sell..

I also met many wombat devotees(of real life wombats) and dinosaur devotees - it was very nice to get a positive response from true believers- thanks to you guys (incl guy and Australian Dinosaur Museum girl).
Fingers crossed also that the mysterious ladies from Taronga Zoo get them to stock my books.
I also got asked about more dinosaur rocks type things- well I hope so-( I think with publishers its sales of the first one permitting)-  but it was on my to do list of self published things regardless- and I still wanted to do the original story. I think people were still discovering it (Dinosaur Rocks) existed by some of the reactions- so thats good- and shows that trying to show it(and my other books) off at Supanova's is a good idea.

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