Monday, April 23, 2007

Setting Off

I drew this last year,- during an unpleasant period where for a while I was resigning from work,- in fact nearly a year right now. So despite her wonky hand I never got round to fixing, here it is to celebrate my change from animation.


FerdinandKreozot said...

Feckin Awesome.
All these look like they are right out of some fancy children's book.
Rock and roll.
Check this guy, scroll down a bit. he's very inspiring.



lach said...

Thanks Milenko,

I think you've shown me that guys stuff before,
he's very good caricaturist,

AtomicTerrier said...

brilliant work man!
your Fan

Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach - really cool sketch man!
Love the robot below too. Keep em coming.

lach said...

josh- thats an awesome dragon head you're working on there- you're man after my own heart,
i've got a few dragon piccy's on my website in the illustration section you might like
simon:-thanks- (the kid on the robot has a passing resemblance to my son)
..I'm working on some jabberwocky inspired pic at the moment, so soon...

Simon Scales said...
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Simon Scales said...

awesome!!! - bring on the jabberwocky.
I linked you up on my blog too :)

LFW said...

A wonky or good hand can make or break a whole drawing Lach. I thought you knew that? jeez.

But still, I like the two little bat dudes and the wolf, peeps just be taggin' along while she hops on her ride to make a quick run.

cheers word up

your pal


lach said...

Hey luke theres a titty not so far from the hand- I figure that will assuage the viewers righteous anger.
They're all setting off to kick some arse BTW.
Simon, I'll return the favour and link you up also,