Sunday, April 22, 2007 translation

Sitting down and drawing at home I often just draw and keep drawing with no plan and the perspective gets wonky.
Other times I do a neat thumbnail and proceed to butcher it on a new but more epic scale when I attempt to draw it anew without blowing up the thumbnail and cleaning it up.
Still other times I'll do a nice drawing, and then don't finish it, figuring I'll get back to it.
Here then is a trio of fairly recent dabbling representing these fates.
The moonboat one I'm redoing- so there'll be no necker cube shit, and I'll figure out exactly how it works.


FerdinandKreozot said...

Moonboat is awesome.
The rest is cool too.

Cheers dude,


LFW said...

That moonboat is seriously a freakin' awsome idea dood. Though I don't know if the sails would work like that (still, it gives it a nice shape, like a complete circular moon).

and the owl and the pussycat was my favourite story (just because the owl totally got some pussy in the end).




lach said...

Bah!! of course it'll work- next you'll be saying there no such thing as big flying lizards you can ride on.
I started to do the rigging to make it work on that drawing, then I just left it out.
As for owls getting pussy, well owl had to get married to get pussy,- despite putting all that hard work singing and stuff.