Monday, April 30, 2007

kids stuff

well I've been off camping for a few days so no new drawings scanned.
Yesterday I finally got paid for that Inner Health ad and the work so far for Osmo..
So that was good.
Drawing wsn't working yesterday at work. Everything is shit.
So that was bad.
Also when I got home things still weren't going so well- I was darkening an A2 Jabberwocky inspired drawing, and as I darkened it I could see the perspective was wonky. That'll learn me.
I will scan what I've got in tonight and do it again but right- I've also got a couple of loose layouts I wanted to resolve further. And I need to finish the Osmo stuff.

Anyhow because theres nothng spanking new, then heres some lightly new bits and pieces, and an older Jabberwocky drawing as a stand in.


FerdinandKreozot said...

Eehh, it's all good.
And as long as I have not seen it before, it brings joy to my old, tired eyes.
And even if i did see it before, it's always good to see sweet stuff again.

Cheers to your work,


LFW said...

Man, Lach, this stuff is just wicked, Like, that cat is just the bomb! Did you lay down watercolours then black line for that piece, it's sexcellent.


your fan


lach said...

Thanks milenko and luke for passing by and the kind words.
The cat was just from a day about 2 months ago when I got out some watercolours and started tooling around- after about 6 years of inactivity on that front.