Monday, April 23, 2007

Its no Clanky

Clanky the Robot was a very important children's book for me. I have a suspicion it was printed in the 60's, which is why you can find neither hide nor hair of it on the internet. Anyway clanky was a robot,(sort of with a paintjob like a schoolboys uniform), and he discovered in himself a talent for designing awesome cars with wild colours, a very beautiful book. It had wild colours, like a Brian Wildsmith Book we had as children.
Like dinosaurs, boys and giant robots go together. So here's a boy and a robot or two. Once again things are a little wonky, but you get that in recreational monday night drawing.
Plus theres no wild colours, so you have to poke yourself in the eye to get that effect.


LFW said...

or you could get high, that might work as well.

This is the best damn robot drawing ever.


your fan


lach said...

Well theres some superlatives right there,- but I'll take your word for it anyway since you are a bit of a robot afficionado yourself. Which reminds me I need to add your blog on my link list.