Tuesday, August 2, 2016

No Undo

So I've had part of my ear cut off and a bit of my neck used to patch it..
Cut and paste because there was no undo....
.thats cancer I guess.
Spent the last few days sort of bleeding.....
(Can't see what sort of job has been done because its all bandaged.)

Still looking at software-
Adobe Audition with a view to voices for animation etc
Will be looking at 3ds Max and Unity again-
Premier again,
 Illustrator  and Adobe Muse......

Bought a good book on Stop motion animation.. (a bit troubled I hadn't done anything with Dragonframe for months- even  tests or development  :(     )
Has lots of good hints on the practicalities while you are animating and what to do if you forget ti animate a bit of a character...(as you do)

In other news
Closer to sealing a deal on Over is Out book.
I'll be at the Big draw at the State Libraries in August
and at the Sydney SCBWI conference in September.....
Might also try Ozcomic con in Sydney this year.... I've been a bit absent from these things this year...
and its nearly Spring..
.time to liven up

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