Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Goblin -After effects version

Goblin after effects test from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

So - trying the same layers I used in Character animator in after effects
and in the case of the dodgy walk cycle- trying the same thing.....
The walk sort of works!
But after effects was dismally slow with the boned puppet with duik on it- and thats just one little simple character:-
I think segmented characters are way faster and don't bog after effects down.....I think.
So I guess the next thing is to try attaching just an animated head and lip synch from Character Animator and attaching it to a body with ik in After effects.
But what it leads to is back to Toon Boom...

 because after effects isn't really geared towards 'characters'- as a unit- just comps- whereas I hope and assume that Toon Booms libraries are just that-
ie I hope you can set up a character, put it in the Toon Boom library and then insert it into any scene and its all good to go.
(Adobe Character Animator does have  "libraries" you can make of puppets or their pieces- .......)

So next I've tried out the DUIK import rig/comp thing-
seems to work for something simple and segmented- seems to take  much  longer on the goblin,-
(actually what it did on the simple thing is actually good because its just the controllers and comp thing that come into the new comp...... )
and it looks like it made a copy of the goblins comp- which is good
but didn't insert it with animated handles in a neat way (the way it did with my segmented test)
so not so good...... but then its a free  plugin....so its something....
but still I think I'd have to try Toon Boom.

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