Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life in patches

Only managed to make it to 2 halves of life drawing the last couple of weeks- :(
A bit patchy when I've been there....(turning up late.)
This is at the West End/Kurilpa hall.

Have a feeling my eyesight is a bit worse....glasses soon I think..
Or at least it takes a bit of time to adjust/focus- is slow.

Because I wasn't doing so well I had the idea to just mark in watercolour style where the shadows were instead of trying
 to start shading -
the pose ending-
and only having the initial crappy shading done anyway.

The one where it is shaded was about the last pose and I thought oh what the heck and then a minute and a half later it was end of pose.....

Sculptors life drawing has been in hiatus for the month and I'd like to get back there.
Kurilpa hasn't been so bad- at least for these broken visits- its just because I like to draw with an A2 board on my knee its hard to find a space in the  crowd.
So the drawing below is quite small because I was a long way away....not how I like it.

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