Monday, July 11, 2016

Mr floppy

flop on trucking from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

 Body issues....underpant issues.....

Dear void,
Well apparently I am scheduled to go to surgery sometime and potentially lose an ear (in their efforts to remove a basal cell carcinoma).
Missed out a few days (and life drawing etc) in the process of finding it out.
Isn't life fun.

On the positive it puts me in company with Van Gough-
on the negative I'd have to be dead and famous to complete the picture.

(Had noticed my blog had been getting more hits of late- but I think its due to it being visited by bots  instead of  people...
.. thoughts anyone??
*sound of bots and spiders cheeping*)

Finally started looking at 3ds max again...
...finally looking at CAT tools.
Seems neat with the character rig creation stuff..
..but then I played with their horse and the neck/head seemed odd-
I realise what the head/automated spine curve is doing but then if you want to rotate the head or have less curve in the neck when the head is extended' to eat grass'  its painful/wrong.
Also with 4 leg animals like horses the front legs the most of the weight
(ie they lock straight for support and back legs are bent for propulsion)
- wonder if it isn't better to have chest the top of hierarchy instead of pelvis
but I guess for the sake of a unified system they have to be consistent.
I guess then the immediate thing to try is to see how CAT rigs bake or export to Unity say.
(and me look at Unity again while I'm at it.)

.can't help wondering whether i should be looking at C4D instead or something more modern....
On the positive they fixed IK in the latest max update I downloaded-
it wasn't me it WAS them -they confessed the fix in the release notes
always reassuring to be proven right/competent /not mad.

Also did a bit more on the Magic Word book- trying to decide which rough I should use for which page....half the time picking one but thinking "I still need to incorporate this from that one and this from this other one into it.....)

**added a friend to make it a bit more 'edgy'- a bit sexier- you know***

flop with a friend from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

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