Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Everything old is new again

Blisk Walk -draft Art render_-more from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

(Hope that includes me )

What have I been doing-
trying a pass on words/story for The Magic Word book
- Its been a bit slow and difficult yesterday and Monday- so I resorted to just writing down alternative sections in the hope of distilling it into the  children's book haiku in another pass.

Looking at Adobe Muse and thinking about new websites.
I was looking at it and thinking just a basic one would be easy enough-and I desperately need to update/something to work on all devices,
simple is good because its all about the images and videos really...unless the animations are my own I'm not that interested in tacked on store bought 'widget animations'  to decorate.
(- the hard bit is listening to Adobe evangelists in their tutorials- why does the word 'widget' make my skin crawl? 'Widget' sounds like something badly made to me......anyway.)

Looking at Storyboard Pro some more....
Mucking around with the animation of layers in simple tests and distributing motion across frames.
Thinking about the equivalent in After effect and photoshop combo- and the relative advantages.....I guess if you were a traditional artist starting there's a whole lot less in Storyboard to learn.
Only thing I haven't been able to try much is the whole script side/importing and distributing it across panels - which is half the deal and why you'd use Storyboard pro for storyboarding instead of photoshop/AE........apart from that I felt fairly comfortable in what I knew.

Quietly looking about at old anims and looking to rerender......
Above is a boss Blisk that would have been in Destroy All Humans 2,
design by me , model and texture by Milenko, animation by me.
Still need to look at rendering type stuff more and Autodesks cloud rendering- because I want to try out motion blur and depth of field etc but the frame time  blows out...

Here are some design drawings of olde of the blisk- (has it really been 14 years?)

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