Friday, May 27, 2016

Not bad, Just drawn that way

As Jessica rabbit would say-

Was a good week for The Magic Word book as I did a bunch of pencil /block out roughs/thumbnails and it looks like it will be good.  Which is something because I tend to be guarded and self critical- so if I think it'll be good that's conservative.

Plus more time spent on after effects and illustrator testing  things and learning .

 Not a great week on  the life drawing front- mind you I know to expect a third or fourth week dip.

The guy was at Sculptors QLD shed- the girl at  Jugglers art space.
Girl moved around a lot/didn't hold still-
ie if you rough the head and work down to feet- when go go back to the top head is in different position/ angle (not simply going back to top and seeing you did it wrong).

Jugglers was packed- a bit uncomfortable really- I sat next to a landscape architect student and talked to her in the break which was nice because I felt everyone might have been advertising people and its nice to find someone randomly that you can relate to.
(- having flashbacks of QUT student days helping my then girlfriend colour her site plans/analysis and the expensive annoyance that was Letraset.......)

Guy at sculptors was the opposite- he held very still-
(but I still didn't quite feel my energy was there this week).
Actually find drawing guys less stressful- they don't have to be "pretty" ,
mind you if you are in the proper frame of mind for drawing all you see is their humanity- and yours.

I think the thing is to remind yourself its like the drawing equivalent of going to the gym- so even if the drawings didn't turn out- the mental and physical effort of  training will still help.

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