Sunday, May 22, 2016

CBCA conference

At top is a shot of Margaret Hamilton, Anna Pignataro, Janeen Brian ,Ann James and Mark Greenwood and Terry Denton talking about books they collaborated on.
The pen drawings are from my Magic Word book idea- which I did while I was watching,
I like the keep/castle with the pointy bits.

I met a few interesting and new people, like Dale Newman -who had been to Pinerolo like me and had done a long major book project like me
and Sally Fawcett an illustrator and author from Margaret River who was very good company,
(mind you I read on her blog that this Sydney trip was her first holiday away from the kids in 5 years so now I wish we'd all made more of an effort - but then I know how it is turning up from a long way and not knowing many people-)
and Dr Virginia Lowe who teaches children's book writing,
and more.
I caught up with Magaret Hamilton briefly and also with the Hachette team ( and I gave them printouts of the rough Over is Out book- )

and Megan Daley.
I saw Judith Rossell at the dinner and meant to say hello...
you kind of get swept along sometimes.

I got to witness MaryAnn Ballantyne being presumed as a grifter by the hotel staff as she was trying to leave in a hurry but her corporate card was declined.
Never a good last impression as a customer- but I guess the hotel staff have to take that line- they must get all sorts of genuinely dodgy people over time.

Below is the sunset on the flight home.

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