Friday, May 13, 2016

More of that

What's been happening?
Well I've had a lot of trouble with Photoshop CC 2015.
The lesson here is that all of the various specific use programs are worth their weight in gold- ie anything by the foundry, zbrush, manga studio, the toon boom software etc ....Why?
Because their software works.

On top of that photoshop still does aliased staircased lines!
It's total rubbish- open any other software and they do a far superior job.

I'm glad Indesign appeared to behave after losing so much time to the photoshop problems.

I've spent a bit of time on a potential illustrating job, and some more time inIndesign
 basically because in a week I'll go to the CBCA conference in Sydney and be amongst the book people- so I wanted some things more presentable.

....... and more time in after effects going over things.

And more time at life drawing trying to exercise my drawing muscles.
If I could mange to do life drawing 3 times a week and sustain that for a few month I know my drawing would jump. Currently I've managed twice a week for three weeks?
The drawing at top were at the Jugglers Artspace, the lower at QLD sculptors. All A2 done on my knee with a gatorboard backing.
Jugglers seemed a nice group- looked like a few advertising types there- but its in the Valley so that makes sense.

I'm going to jump straight back onto the animation learning/updating and tests- and I think out of pure disgust I might leave photoshop alone(for drawing or animation)  unless absolutely necessary for a while.

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