Tuesday, November 4, 2014

surprise- Another watercolour

Not finished or fixed in photoshop- theres always patches(bottom right) where I'm not paying attention and mess it up.
That's what happens when you want to become a hard man who doesn't use ctrl z- 
paint gets spilt.
Happy accidents in watercolour they say
- well probably doesn't sound so happy if you stand outside my room.

Wasn't sure where to go from here- whether to add a coloured background. Well probably if I didn't just do a 2 min sketch then start colouring and planned it better...I might know.
But then if I sat and thought about it I might just come to the realisation I didn't know what I was doing anyway- so maybe I'm saving time that way.

Also trying a bit more stylised cartoony look.

Can see a few blotches on wing and stuff where my hand must have rested on wet paint and I didm't notice-ah well- could be fixed in PS I guess.

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