Sunday, November 16, 2014

"How to get ahead"

Paint one I guess.
Another learning experience-
Got to the teeth and thought- "man I don't have the patience for this ......maybe I can bluff this somehow?".
So teeth are a dream of teeth.
I don't know how people who spend 80 hrs on one picture do it.
Also its amazing that whenever I forget to do a little test dab of my brush on my scratch paper- thats  precisely the time the brush is overloaded/paint is too dark and I have to go into survival mode trying to deal with blotch of dark paint in the wrong spot.
So thats why the shadow on his left cheek is a bit dark  :(

Also as I was painting away merrily on his right lower eyesocket there were two faint lines I'd drawn. "Wonder which one I paint up to? I thought"-
 then I realised I'd painted over onto the lower line which was the lower edge of socket rim highlight-
 right cheekbone thinner than his left.
Then I try to sneakily chisel a bit away from the other to make the difference not as staggering......

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