Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lach's Not Dead

Well I spent some time on my idea- about a month and a bit- or was it more?
I need to get back to it and I will .
I think I got down quite a lot of good ideas- now have to  convert first to better page thumbnails/layout then roughs.
(I'd sort of stopped posting because I was a bit sick of the googles and facebooks of the world- trying to own everything, own your data and sell it to whoever.)
All of the surveillance thats going on makes you sick of it all and leave conputers and phones behind.
So I hadn't been posting any of my project.

What have I been doing?
 I am midway through trying to do a Christmas Wombat book.
Doing a bit for a card game.
Starting to think/sketch some other educational  resources my wife would like developed.
Having a family holiday.
Trying to figure a work life balance still.
Saying 'no' to people it seems.
Starting to tinker with watercolour.
Need to get back on the sculpture/zbrush too
And drawing with my cintiq......but frustrating as the watercolour attempts have been- they've been more interesting than the idea of  working on the computer.
I thought I should try different styles- maybe simpler ones....

but I think I'll have to focus on Wombat in a frenzy in November.

+How did it get to be November?

Anyway- here is a cheshire sort of cat to start off the whole posting thing again.
I haven't really fixed it in photoshop yet- pretty much just the scan.

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