Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wombats Birthday Surprise arrives.

Have yet to test it on my kids to see if it works.
I anticipate it will work best with 2 and a half year olds- that's the sort of age when anyone's birthday party is actually meant to be your party.
I think with wombat's party- wombat is not a greedy wombat.
Having a giant cake at the end-a dream cake- would have been great from a kids point of view- but I wanted it to be a modest size cake- but the contribution of all the friends creates this impressive array.
Just to sort of show what happens when everyone pitches in and helps.
 A lot of presents also might have been nice- but I think the celebration (of life) with friends is more important- + the last thing you want as a parent is book where someone gets a myriad presents ie " I want lots of presents- just like wombat".
More than that wombat is a wombat- he has his log home and the beautiful bush , his friends, a patch of comfy moss and straw to sleep on- he doesn't actually need much else.

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