Sunday, August 4, 2013

Still working?

Yes..... blogger is working

About to start in earnest again this week.
I am also going to try to find some life drawing groups- they're almost all in Brisbane.
I can't find any around here,- or at least there are two around here but I have deemed them unsuitable.
(One run by a barge-arse, the other run by a nut.)
By 'around' I mean 16Km and 50 Km away so not too close really either.

I sort of view life drawing as the art equivalent of going to the gym.
And when you are starting back after a long absence its just as painful.
So I'm not expecting to produce 'artworks' when I go, -I'm trying to train myself .

I have said it before , but you would think the surrounding area/Bryon Bay would be awash with clothes optional art and model types,
 but it appears not.
 Whereas Brisbane seems to have something on life drawing wise every day of the week.

Or maybe I just don't mix in the right circles around here
......probably that too.
Was sort of mixing in ever diminishing circles the last couple of years but trying to remedy that.

I have a giant backlog of emails to reply to.
I need to redo my website- need to redo this blog a bit.

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