Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Still trying to buy a computer.

Apparently Dell and Lenovo think when you order a computer- you want it in 2 months time- (not the 8 days plus 5 as advertised), and will only tell you it will be 2 months after they've strung you along for 1 month.

So I've ordered from Dell and cancelled, then ordered from Lenovo and right now am on the verge of cancelling and doing what I didn't want to have to do- build it myself.

Dell- to their credit at least processed te refund promptly and professionally- even if the whole other bit was a shambles. Point to Dell for snatching honour from the jaws of defeat.

Lenovo on the other hand have been far far worse. Basically I can't recommend their computers(how can I when they'll never deliver it?) or their service or the sales people who are misleading , name it.

Worse still I suppose is the hardware and firmware back doors they have on their computers, (because they are a covert instrument of the Chinese government) which have their computers banned from use in any national security type applications in Australia.
I'm guessing the time PM Rudds laptop was hacked it was a Lenovo laptop.
I just want to paint and sculpt on mine- not remind the Chinese Government that Tienanmen square did happen,
 but still- 
Always nice to know that out there somewhere is a chinese hacker ready and waiting to disable or take over your computer- "no extra charge" as they say..

Again- I find all this out after I ordered.

But I have the cintiq 24HD touch- sitting in its unopened box for a month now waiting for a computer to run it-
looking like the crate containing the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

One day.....

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