Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dinosaur Rocks Arrives

Some of the books arrive.
Looks like they've zoomed in on the cover image and added fog over the trees for the title.
Or was that me ? Its been a while.
I was a bit worried about the darkness of pages and how they'd print out- but its not too bad .
Of course my dodgy photos are no guide and no indication.
The yellow of the dinosaur seems alright and the larger images of the boy and his grandfather seem ok too.
Ah well.
Still, hopefully its a bit more of an action book with slightly more sophisticated looking dinosaurs, than australians are used to.

Hopefully it sells alright and I can get to do a sequel and do the other things I wanted to do(and say), (and apply the learning from any mistakes).


Arena Julia said...

Just came across your site - snooping for supanova info and images actually. But love your work!

lach said...

Thanks for that