Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Mates Christmas

Finally finished this book-thank goodness- it feels like all my christmases have come at once as they say.
All the pages still need another 2hrs each to add some more decoration and loving detail....except its out of time and these have to do as is.
 That's the problem - reviewers don't care that I didn't have much time to do these books and I have to compete with people who spend a year on a single book, or a week on a spread
- ah well.
Hopefully it feels cheery enough.
I have to get the next book done in 2 weeks time- or less.
Possibly impossible
 but then the pages can be potentially much simpler and without a cast of thousands.
I guess if I get the next 2 books done as quick as they want them I'll have only 8 books to  go.

I had thought to apply for the Pinerolo childrens book cottage  residencies . Well if I want to I 'd better do it today.
Trouble is- it asks how my work will benefit from a residency at this time. How to answer that?
Do I put "I have been working from the same room for three years-any respite from this to save me from the brink of insanity will benefit my work."?
I wish I knew how to write application forms, or grants, or knew what awards existed so i could throw my hat in the ring.
 Looks like it will be august before I can come up for air though.

"Eneavour to persevere."

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