Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SupaNova- Gold Coast

Was on last weekend  and I took my one man freak show  to it. I was a bit better prepared in one sense- but didn't have any time in the days before to warm up my drawing-so I barely did any.
It appeared to be busy peoplewise and I did see a few people I knew and meet a few new people.
John Cox stopped by and said hello, and he introduced me to Jason baird of JMB FX Studios. I would love to do some work with both, and actually John and I talked about the need for queensland museum to have some decent dinosaur displays. Obviously decent means life size models. You would think that is a no brainer- but you know they still just have those old dinosaur sculptures  in the basement next to the tank- sculptures that were around when I was a boy. So in 40 years they've done nothing of note on the dinosaur display front. But I digress.
As a result of the conversation I'd really like to get going on the whole idea- I've had a lot of ideas related to it...
Sadly I didn't get a real chance to mingle and schmooze around the other artist tables
- but I did talk to Aaron Pocock who had a neat sketchbook printed and whose experiences of  the book industry parallel my own.
Adam Nichols dropped by too- it seems Binary mill are going strong which is great but unsurprising- they do great work so thats how it ought to be.
(Another company I'd like to work with sometime)
Also met a guy called Manny who does a great cross between comics and caricatures- but very hip and modern in feel. I don't know why he isn't working for fancy magazines making a squillion-an example of when things aren't the way they ought to be.See his link in my artist menagerie
I had a folder with A3 printouts of the Dinosaur Rocks spreads- which people seemed quite interested in and amazed by- which is great because hopefully the book will do well- but also sort of therapy for me who can't look at them without seeing all the mistakes and how Iactually wanted it to be and wants to hide under a rock. Mind you seeing them A3 its probably a good thing I was stopped from doing more detail- theres quite enough, and now I don't feel so bad about my blurry gestural pine trees.

This was one of the few drawings I did- actually glad noone bought it.

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