Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dodgy Life drawings

Part of my drawing recovery plan is to go back to life drawing.
 I have- not as much as I'd like to- but its helping slowly.
I'll admit it doesn't look like it yet....
but I am doing them with a sketchbook on my knee- and I finally finally remembered to bring a rubber this week. Not so much to censor just to save me from moments of pure uncoordinatedness or inattentiveness.
All I need now is to:-
1. Arrive on time- not an hour late and miss the warm up
2. Think about it beforehand and do a bit of study.
3.Think about it while I'm doing it and not about the anzac biscuits  I can smell.

Then I should be sharp and focussed properly.

1 comment:

Paul Summerfield said...

these are fantastic drawings man.