Monday, April 19, 2010

"Truth is no words"

Post Supanova I'd kind of decided to try and finally start on illustrations of Australian dinosaurs with a view to a book. Turns out there's not much help to be had in this kind of endeavour, so I might have to make it a bit of a fiction- maybe a lost world kind of story after all with simliar creatures instead of the factual thing I think is needed. Fortunately though there's so little been found of Australian dinosaurs-like a single bone as proof of an animal type thing- or a footprint- so I figure any of my 'educated ' guesses and fabrications are as good as any.


FerdinandKreozot said...

Yes, you must!
At least from what I got at supanova, there would be quite decent audience for that kind of stuff/book :)
I say go for it for sure.
And great stuff down below. Also that dwarf you drew at supanova is still in my head :) it was an awesome drawing and with personality and expression to boot.



lach said...

Thanks Milenko.
Yeah I'll keep trying with that project.

Your girly on the dragon over at your blog is '100% milenko' and great to see.