Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Resisting the urge to run

Is what I often find myself doing at life drawing. I arrive in a fluster and absolutely no focus, spending half the time trying to remember the process which is hard when you are feeling inattentive.
Here are some images of spasmodic life drawing attendance at life drawing the previous 2 weeks. As usual I did my "invent somethng to make my life drawing interesting" thing.
So the male model here who actually looks quite frazetta-esque in the face/body who was sitting on his chair got a barbarian makeover and a 'ride'. Trouble with this is I just extend the drawing 'til I run out of paper- so there's no composition.
The gorgon girly at bottom was the first of that pose and I realised midway that I'd drawn the head too far from the left arm-so make it a feature and "Off with her head!".
Because that one wasn't working so well I tried again - its still a little wonky but was much better, but ran out of time to record the shading properly. The last pose- a five minute one of her seemed much better. This model, Lisa, would make a fantastic vampiress - so I might suggest it to the convenor (ie somehow get some kind of white dracula's bride looking gown for her to pose in)(or maybe try and hire her myself).

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