Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Her name was Lola....

She was a showgirl... ....
at Dr Sketchy Byron.

I went last night, arrived quite late, found a spare chair sort of close but in the worst position and right next to the speaker stack.
The problems with Dr Sketchy are
1. Not enough time to draw- most you can hope for is 10 mins but mostly its 5 and that's not enough to do them and their costume beyond a scribble-(and also overall in terms of time spent drawing).
Kind of need 10 mins for them 10 for the costume
2. Models don't stay still.
3. Lighting can be such that you can't see where the end of your pencil is.
The nice thing is the costumes, and the models.
(Although they could be 'ruderer'.)

Anyway here is Lola the Vamp, in a kind of tutu thing.

and the last pose (5min) of Lisa from the previous post.

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Pete Mullins said...

Gee...these sketches work for me Lach. The one at the top is really lovely. Man...gotta get back into life drawing!!