Friday, February 19, 2010

Shakes on a plane

Here are some of the' in flight' drawings from my recent trip. I'll post images and then come back and explain them. Also I'll do a proper Winter conference blurb with images- so I might eliminate the previous post I did and replace with the non "late night/sleepless in NY version".
Theres also a few other pics of odd people to scan in yet too.
Interesting the whole drawing with a ballpoint- I actually really love it now- a bit problematic in that there's no rubbing out mistakes(as you can see) but I love how fine it is and I love the light hatching I can do (if the plane isn't shaking).
Of the odd caricatures/drawings of people- the were all done from very surreptitious glances. I felt I couldn't just sit and draw them in case they objected to me staring, - but often it turned out pretty close(sometimes after a couple of tries- no rubber!).
The witch did actually look like that- except there was no broom and no cat- apart from that ....., but she did look like an obese Gene Simmons.

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