Monday, February 22, 2010

A few more plane drawings....

I was kind of in a good mood drawing these frogs on the flight to New York.
-Since found out that for my wife's book she'd wanted them actually "fly fishing"- which is a much cooler idea- so I'll post my updated ideas of that scene.

Below are a few in flight observations.
First the difference between the hostess on the safety video, and the real life one.

This guy below, who sat behind me on the Denver to San Francisco flight was scary weird. Looked like he was not long out of prison, and had perhaps combed/wet his hair down so he looked "purdy". Underneath his hawaiian shirt you could see the prison type tattoos (spider webs etc on wrist and neck). Constantly talking/responding to any announcement, halfway in a manner like a ADHD kid- but a scary profane kid. Said he wanted to get out of Texas because they were all incestuous sodomites(words to that effect). I thought "if YOU want to get out,- then Texas must be bad".
In the five minutes while waiting to get off the plane he
1. Berated pilots as homosexuals because he said that recent reporting in the news, where the two pilots had said they were arguing /didn't read the map and missed their destination, was wrong , and that were actually having sex instead of flying the plane.
2. Tried to convince me that we should pay $50 to "bang that girl", and that the person unfortunate enough to have sat next to him should watch. (girl was about 14 standing with her mother in front of me).
3. Kept calling out in between "You're Dragging your a dog....with worms!"

I wrote down on the drawing one of his more printable quotes "makes my ass wanna chew tobaccy!"

I waited 'til I was safely home in australia to draw him (from memory) but that's him alright.
Here is an easy guide to snowboarding-(from the inept to the inept)


Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach....bunches of great stuff around here lately!!

Pete Mullins said...

No country does 'crazy' better than the good 'ol US of A. And I love the fact that they have NO CONCEPT of what should stay private and what is for public consumption.

Hey Lach...these sketches are pure gems. The Hostess is priceless.

The ballpoint pen stuff is amazing.
I sure wouldn't have the 'balls' to attempt such a thing.