Saturday, February 27, 2010

Byron live studio.

Tried another life drawing group- this time 'Byron live studio'.
I think the trip down and through Byron bay kind of psyched me out a bit on top of the whole getting back to "seeing" (life drawing style) again. (So things are still wonky in the drawing department, plus I was sort of used to drawing on my sketchpad in pen- so using pencil was weird for a while.)
On weekends there's a giant queue of cars to get into Byron,- me trying to take an idiot proof way first time round took this route. Bad idea.
Anyway once there-I was impressed. A really kind and chatty old couple ran the place, and model was great . Plus they had fruitcake.
(although althletic as she was she'd try these neat poses that took a lot of strength-so she'd move quite a lot in these- actually she'd make a great sculptural model-very art deco sculpture shape in a way).

The scribbly pen drawing up top wasn't from life drawing - just thought I'd throw that in .
The reclining image head to the right(25min) was the last pose- so as I was finally starting to get it together a bit more, it was time to go.
Next time gadget.


Pete Mullins said...'ve gone and made me feel guilty for not getting off my butt and doing some life drawing!!
Beautiful work Mr.Lach. Some real difficult angles there. You nailed 'em!!
By the way, I love the frogs...very cute.

lach said...

Wow I was just looking at them thinking I hadn't nailed them and how I was gonna go and pay attention this time and do it right.
So thats a good reminder- I'll do a little bit of study and psyche myself properly.
Actually I was thinking of going to the sculptors one tonight.

cheers for the frog comment Pete.

Gemma said...

I'm with Pete here: you've made me feel guilty for not doing life drawing in a while too.

nice work, very loose