Sunday, January 18, 2009



LFW said...

radness, the details on all the day to day things is mind blowing.

the people look like stiff mannequin dolls however, lol

cheers and good work


lach said...

its mainly the kids that are stiff,
dads ok, mums plausible
so I'll fix the kids-
+there seems to be some problem about mum with her hand in the dishwasher
oh well

Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach
looking really good mate
i think the composition is just fantastic for this type of stuff - its always soooo hard making these type of images have a nice comp - really well done
the stiffness - well - youll fix it im sure :)
the only other thing i would say is you could watch your edge control a bit more - get some hard edges in there - stop using your pesky airbrush and get a nice hard edge brush and slap some paint on :) - i think it will help define the outer areas of the objects more against their particual bg - like the chairs - they blend a bit much into the table or the fridge and all it needs is a crisper edge and it will work!!! but mate im just nitpicking....its really nice - whats it for??

Robert Mangano said...

Hey Lachlan,

I Love the details, and the colours!

That little boys face is weird for some reason, cant quite put my finger on it. :/