Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost World

A couple of thumbnails that dreamed.
As Milenko would say 'Good riddance ' to 2008. Hurrah for 2009.
So yes....lets Try that again thanks.
You never think of yourself as old- until confronted by certain ugly realities.
Somehow I just haven't bothered listening to music much in the last couplel of years or buying it. Then in an idle moment I put a Ramones CD on (even the fact that I use a CD player is sort of damning proof of age- but more proof that I'm sick of repaying for music I already own).

Then I realised-these songs are nearly 30 years old. Doesn't matter that they're the real deal and far superior to the whiny Emo payola punk apings we are subjected to these days

Fortunately my 1 yearold son and 3 year old started spontaneously dancing around to it.
So there...there is hope for a another generation, and hope for an old timer.

So where's the art tie in? It is after all the art stupid.
Well for a long time I've wanted to do a pin up series of images based on songs or inspired by them.-ie for example "Big exit" by PJ Harvey or "Goin out West" by Tom Waits are two I plan on. So maybe there'll be some of that soon. Its odd I've been drawing but not drawing lately. So the lost world thumbnails are part of that first couple of days of ugliness before my head gets in the right place again.
I also have reams of thumbnails on paper to go through and maybe translate into human.


FerdinandKreozot said...

:) hehe, you're old, man...
Have you not heard of ripping your CD's into MP3's?
And if you did not know, there's this thing going around called bit torrents, it's totally free and perfectly legit.
Well, at least until you get caught and get an angry letter from your ISP and some internet firm representing those big wigs who want your money for the fifth time and are threattening the legal action...
Well that's the time to blame it all to your password unprotected wireless router and pesky neighborhood kids who have been stealing your bandwidth for months.
Or to dump it all on your wife who got caught downloading down some crap called "Captain Fiorelli's mandolin" or something. First time I heard of it, I thought it was porn and that mandolin was cheeky way of saying penis.
Anyway, yo are cool and age makes you even cooler.
And your art is of an awesome, dreamy quality and I sure enjoy looking at it.
Cheers to you buddy,



lach said...

Yes I have ripped some to mp3- but the laptop I had em on died and I don't thing I backed them up- and have been too lazy since to do it again .