Thursday, January 8, 2009


I went and saw that Australia film, and well,
I thought it kinda sucked. Un endurable really.
Was it the cartoony characters and stage show acting? was it the confusing camera cuts? Was it using Judy garland and the wizard of Oz(YES)? was it the 50's musical gung ho man ship? was it the bizarre appearance of characters out of the blue checking peoples pulses? Yes all of that and more gave me the shits.
Certain shots looked quite good - others looked plainly like characters over a matte painting with no parallax.
David Gulpulil on the other hand in his brief moments exposed the rest for what they were doing- hes so convincing and brilliant.

So hows about an Australian film- and why not since god knows what became of where the wild things are.
So I'll get in beforethe rest of the world-
here's an initial drawing of Bottersnikes and Gumbles, the Australian film I long to see(or make).
This initial idea of the characters is a bit off- its hard to escape Desmond Digby's version. I think his gumbles are sort of supposed to be like koala's but often I thought they looked like chairman Mao...oh well, so mine is a little koala-ish but trying to translate his idea.
Still, 'cop that' as they say. And I'll try try again.


Milenko said...

This looks awesome.
Cheers to you once again.


LFW said...

THese are GREAT

I remember when I read this book as a child, the ugly koalas freaked the shit out of me



lach said...

Thanks luke,

You're alive and so is your blog-
whats happened?
Was it the end of empire?

LFW said...

you could definitely say something like that.

slightly happy days from here on in



Simon Scales said...

Hey lach - love the shape, proportion and pose in the top one - love to see that all colored up!!

Dan Wills said...

Nice illustrations dude! :D

I couldn't agree more, someone's gotta do them and they'd better do them GOOD! :D

I'd love to see something really well made on the level of say, "The Dark Crystal" or "The Labyrinth", but in full CG that explores this really interesting and quirky fantasy world.

I too have been thinking I'd like to make (or help to make) a short full-CG animation like a pilot for Bottersnikes and Gumbles, I work in VFX (at rsp) and I am using Houdini - which I think would be the perfect 3d app to get it done in.

If you would like to work together on something I would be very interested!

With your permission I could start putting some ideas together based on your sketches?

btw - I am gdanzoAtgmail.
also some of my fractal work can be seen here:

nice one! Thanks for sharing your great work!