Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet the wellingtonians

You know what you look like after you've been camping for a few days? Well imagine you've been camping your entire life. This then is what a lot of wellingtonians look like. The initial fright wig of the first few days camping settles a bit in an attitude of weary resignation but still.
I was 2 days unshaven before I thankfully found a razor in my bag, once I did shave I realized this marked me as a foreigner. Wellington itself though is very interesting, with almost too many restaurants. Theres quite a few weathered sculptures too. I particularly like the design of Te Papa, the shapes and levels inside and the way the windows frame the views. My mobile phone doesn't work here so thats bad. Theres a bookshop with almost a whole bookshelf devoted to farm tractors-so if my son jonathan were here that would be good.
I bought a book on design sketching but my initial delight was soured when I looked further and realised the base drawings weren't so good- still.....
As for the pic, well it's about a year old, - a sort or ogre for a project of mine- I guess it suits the Wellington(weta) vibe.

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