Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big ass Santa chair in progress

Here we see Simon Forbes and Cezary Stulgis's brilliance turning my chair concept into something Santa can love.
I haven't seen the final one, but its so close.... I think Cez is responsible for the ornate carved heads, the temptation would be to do a budget chair devoid of details but I'm glad he couldn't help himself.


Robert Mangano said...

Awesome work Lachlan! Loving the colours in the Macmillian stuff.
I like the back and white sketch of the family as well, you could add a layer of light brown on top and make it like an old timey photo :)
I really like the one with the two guys standing in front of the houses with the ships in the background

And with the santa chair, my first thought was, holy shit thats gotta be one fat bastard..... but then I remember something about kids not being able to sit on their knee anymore and can only sit beside santa.

LFW said...

Awsome work mate, you are a testament, definitely.

BTW, I guess you already heard the good news?

cheers to you