Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I did on my holidays part3


Well all of those images- is about half of the drawings I did at the concept art thing in Wellington.
I just need to darken the lines on the rest and clarify them a bit(because I used a blue pencil they're a bit faint,- I should have known better but I guess it was a comfort thing seeing as I haven't done life drawing since May).
All of them are life drawings- but you can see I repurposed the model on the fly on quite a few. The most severe deviations are the harpy( she was sitting on a chair with her legs up on another)
and the girl sort of lying on the lion thing(that one I could only see her head- she was lying on the pregnant girl but it was a really bad angle- so I had to make up the rest).
I started this sort of gigantic picture for the two girls who were the mainstays of the models on the last day- it was spead across about 5 torn out pages of the sketchbook very roughly aligned bigger than A2 across)- but it could be sort of nice so I'll try and scan and stitch that one up so you can see it . What I need to do though is to think up some properly designed armour/ornament etc so that i can apply it in such situations,- rather than the sort of off the cuff things that aren't as nice as they could be.
Seeing all the people working off photo's, (and the great photos on the conceptart.org forum that might be used) does make me wonder why I was doing it the hard way with a sketchbook on my knee.... but then I'm trying to test myself in reality and not reduce the exercise to being a 2d copyist.


Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach

sweet pics here mate!!
and yup...im back - had a rediculously good time there and got to experience and be taught by so many amazing artist - just insane really - such a good culture there. so i am back - just putting together my concept folio at the moment - then see what happens from that - hoping to move abroad if i can...but we will see!!

keep all the piccy's coming mate

lach said...

Gee how on earth did you finance it?
As for the concept thing I think it'd be a plan to not just focus on games companies (at least that is my plan).
+ actually- I've never seen your site because whenever I click on the link to it my AVG antivirus throws up all these warnings so I keep chickening out. Any suggestions? Is it safe?