Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Faster Pussycat, Colour! Colour!

Here are a few images from the educational reader I've done for Macmillan.
The images aren't as refined and tight as I would like,- but in a way they had to be rough because to do highly polished realistic images would have been way over 'budget'.
Perhaps if I owned a copy of painter or used textured brushes or layered texture over the images to help bamboozle(the way they do) it might bind the brushstrokes together and sell the simplicity better. The faux perspective is a result of translating the roughs as is,-I fixed ones(not these) where it was noticably wrong. It would be nice to have proper time to do research and studies of everything beforehand,- mind you tall ships are hard to find in queensland.
Hopefully(more importantly) the feeling and the story is right despite all of that.


Morgan said...

hey Lach. I found your blog via Roberts. The art on this post is really cool, makes me feel like I wanna be there.

lach said...

thanks Morgan,
what are you up to these days?
(did you get caught up in that bravo body count or did you escape?)