Tuesday, July 3, 2007

30 minutes before work

unfinished so far,- and a dragony dinosaur thing as usual
but not bad for very little time- just about 30 minutes,
and this is probably precisely the sort of thing that places like, say,
animal logic, or the animalia people, might like.
I guess those people obviously thought I wasn't capable of it I suppose.
Which is why they didn't give me a job.

Ah well...

updated it- i did 20 minutes more- still...


Yer_man_in_japan said...

Hi Lachlan, Thanks for the comments for on the blog,I really appreciate it. Youve got some really class drawings here. I cant wait to see some of them translate to Zbrush. all the best -David McD

lach-(Lachlan Creagh) said...

Yeah the other week someone mentioned you had a blog and I thought 'crikey' i'll have to check it out.
I'm trying to be regular in posting to mine, mainly as a way of pulling my finger out and doing something, but i'm trying to check out everyone elses and cheer them on too.
(Milenko doesn't need cheering from me though, and as far as i can tell matt brady never touches his.)
I'm amazed at your 'learning so much japanese out get into a design course' feat,- i tips me lid to that.
and that rabbit steering thing you were working on-is it the mushrooms they eat? very japanese kooky cool.