Monday, June 25, 2007

The lie that tells the truth.

There's an old saying- was it picasso?- Someone.
Anyway here are 2 life drawings. The model was dressed as a Japanese.... well I'm not sure, Japanese are fairly particular, so she might have looked to them as a peasant or worse.
She did have a parasol, -she did not have a turtle, or a dragon, or a sword, or footwear, she was not japanese but very caucasian.
So I stretched the truth a bit.
The other thing I found is that every time she sat- her drapery was completely different,- and since the drapery is most of her image, well that really means these drawings are at least 90% fabrication on my part.
Please consider.

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Mat Brady said...

"Art is the lie that tells the truth" was Picasso.

The Geisha sitting with the dragon is a terrific image. It would be nice to see this sweetened up some more. Any plans for this?