Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cave drawing

another quick 35 minute dabbling.


LFW said...

OMG, is she offering herself to that monster dude? what a freakin' slut, and it's all going to be goin' down in some dingy cave no less.

wicked drawing though sir, for 35 mins it is rad.

your fan


lach said...

well it mightn't be completely sordid-,
it could be that she's just finished her nude pilates at an austere health camp, and is ready for her cup of tea, and the creature has just ducked his head around to ask if she'd like sugar or milk with that.
.....or yes maybe shes just some dirty medieval door to door salesman with a special offer.

Mat Brady said...

I would think this is a glimpse of the new Lynx ad campaign.

Nice image, Lach.