Sunday, June 17, 2007

20 20 hindsight

You know those old drawings you look at again,- and you can see their mistakes and how you could do better now- but theres still something in them or about them you like? Well here's a couple of old ones trawled from my site. One is an orc I drew in 1996- which sort of pre dates all of the LOTR movies stuff by quite a bit. The other a quick sketchbook one is this possessed asylum girl,- I like the way the cat is looking back at her and the egon schiele-ish way she ended up looking. This one is only about a year old.
Actually cats piss me off, they're worthless opportunistic creatures, and the only reason they rub against you is to mark you as a food source. Which is odd because cats seem to like me.... regardless, cats are for drawing only.


LFW said...

Or to burn as an alternate fuel source in any case, ha ha. I had no idea that they rub up against you for that one reason only, it makes so much sense now.

Yeah, I sorta know what you mean in regards to the old drawings syndrome, it's like when you were younger you had all this energy and imagination that translates into your drawings despite the mistakes from your inexperience. As you get older, you get slower, more worn down etc etc, it's fucked.

but these are excellent drawings, you are a masta


your pal


Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach
love the pig sketches in the prev post - great stuff man
keep em all coming!!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Ahaha. Of all the animals, I hate cats the least, because they do not give a shit about you, therefore not forcing you to feel obliged.
Someone said "dogs look up to you, cats look down on you and pigs treat you as an equal"
I do not like pigs much, but if I am around cats, I try to look down on them, to make them taste their own medicine.