Monday, November 16, 2020


 Gee looking at the number of posts this year versus all other years is scary- about 15 so far and the worst other year was around 50/60 posts.
Sort of statistical indicator thats somethings up.

main problem is I'd been working on those Wolfgirl books- and I don't have the rights.
So I'd done a lot of work and roughs /WIP
but can't show it/ haven't shown it the way I usually would.

Also years past there was a flow of life drawings- but the covid thing stopped that - am about to try and join some other groups-

the one at Dust Temple is a bit popular now - you have to book and its booked weeks in advance
(and I'm afraid I'm probably not hip enough to be around all the beautiful young influencer types there now).

Possibly a disappointment only to the bots and spiders that spam my pages with fake visits to my posts.

Why then oh Lachlan do you not use instagram or facebook to post your art.
Well facebook a little- but only to my friends,
but instagram I started ..but then the whole attitude to nudity on facebook and instagram is a problem-
as they are one and the same
ie I used to do a bit of life drawing so I'd have nudes to show...
and frankly I don't want facebook idiots deciding what is acceptable art wise.

Anyway- lets see if I can't post a drawing a day and get some acceptable yearly level of posts happening.

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