Thursday, February 5, 2015

Missing link

A quick drawing in mischief.

perhaps instead I should use my powers for good........

there much less offensive......than the original

looked at it this morning- its hideous and creepy!
so heres a quick nose joke- missing link looks better with his fur on

and here fixed dinosaur-
 and obscured mouse in the process......
I'll stop digging I late night squiggle in mischief is trouble.
A very long post for what was initially an 8 minute  drawing . But who's counting?
Who reading either? except for NSA/Pine Gap/5 eyes etc...
***Next Mischief grumble- how do you get a consistent line weight when you zoom in out and around- you have to keep shifting your line px size. Need to be able to lock it to the drawing (temporarily )somehow

***I've found this now- was in preferences

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