Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mischief grumble

So suddenly made good on new years resolution and shifted cintiq to standing mode, opened mischief and brief squiggle before bed- but look- the hasty girly doesn't render right zoomed out. I think mischief needs to adjust their render as things reduce in size. Note ugly face that I put Ranx Xerox glasses on.

Wombat Christmas book is giving me great difficulty- first with lost months of Mid October Nov and December- but also just with colours and deciding on decorations has driven me to the edge.

In other news have been having a few good ideas and few drawings for my project, and ideas for the potential book Little Bad Wolf.  So I hadn't been winning with wombat but the ideas in my downtime are good.

Must fulfill other resolution and get as new scanner so you can see what I'm on about and put an end to posting bad photos of drawings.

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